Civil Engineering

Site Development

Water Distribution System Design

Waste Water Collection System Design

Storm Water Management and Design

Highway Design

Industrial Development

Commercial Development

Residential Development

Feasibility Studies

Floodplain Evaluations

Athletic Field and Facility Design

Accident Investigation

Land Use Planning

Building Permitting

Land Surveying


Boundary Surveys

GPS Surveys - RTK/Static

Control Surveys

Network Control

Route Surveys

Subdivision Surveys

Construction Staking

Highway Staking

Topographic Surveys

Volumetic Surveys

Flood Elevationg Certificates

Oil and Gas Well Surveys/Permitting

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Environmental Impact Studies

Spill Prevention And Control Planning (SPCC)

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPP)

Ground Water Protection Plan (GWPP)

Air Quality Permitting/Testing

Floodplain Permitting

Remedial Design and Feasibility Studies

Corps of Engineers Permitting

Compliance Monitoring/Inspection

Oil and Gas Well Planning (Enhanced Recovery)

Construction Monitoring and Materials Testing

Soil Testing

     Monitor Engineered Fill Placement

     Soil Classification

     Compaction Testing

     Proof Rolling

     Subgrade Evaluation

     Field Bearing Capacity Testing

Concrete Testing

     Monitor Concrete Placement

     Slump, Air Content, Temperature, and Unit Weight

     Cast Test Specimens

Site Monitoring

Design Compliance and Review